My Korean Addiction

Honouring my Korean drama (kDrama) and Korean pop (kPop). To have something as a hobby is really healthy. Investing to Korean merchandise and entertainment could be meaningful. It started back in 2004, with Full house. However, it was My Girl in 2005 which made me obsessed with Korean world. I eventually left the addiction but I picked it up again in late 2017, when I rewatch Guardian: The Lonely and Great God for the 2nd time. Since then, I’m back in the game 🙂 As you all know, there are many actors, actresses and artists (singers) in Korean business. It is pretty huge and serious too. I’m trying to focus on certain genre; actors/actress and singers/boyband/girl groups I wish to follow. Below are the list.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy and Action.

My top favourite as in June 2019:


  1. Seo In Guk (서인국)  – Actor and Singer
  2. Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) – Actor and Singer
  3. Yoo Seung Ho (유승호) – Actor
  4. Kim Soo Hyun (김수현) – Actor
  5. Park Seo-joon (박서준) / Park Yong-gyu
  6. Lee Dong Wook (이동욱) Actor
  7. Yeon Woo Jin (연우진) / Kim Bong-hoe (김봉회)

Notable mention: Park Bo Gum, Lee Seo Won, Kim Myung-soo (L, Infinite), Do Kyungsoo (EXO) 


  1. Park Min-young (박민영)
  2. Song Hye Kyo (송혜교)
  3. Ha Ji Won (하지원) / Jeon Hae-rim (전해림)
  4. Lee Da Hae (이다해) / Byun Da-hae (변다혜)
  5. Yoon Se Ah (윤세아)
  6. Go Ara (고아라)
  7. Jun Ji-hyun ( 전지현) / Wang Ji-hyun (왕지현) / Gianna Jun

Notable mention: Park Eun Bin (박은빈), Nam Ji-hyun (남지현).


  1. EXO ( Bias: Chanyeol, DO & Sehun)
  2. JJProject + Got7 (Bias Jinyoung or Jr.)
  3. SuperJunior
  4. TVXQ! (Bias Max or Changmin)
  5. Mamamoo
  6. DAY6
  7. VIXX

Notable mention: 2PM, Big Bang, BTS, CNBlue, Wanna One BoA, Black Pink, Girl Generation, Red Velvet. 


  1. Ailee
  2. Huh Gak

Notable mention: SUNMI, Lee Hi (Lee Ha Yi), IU, Se7enSo Hyang, Hyorin, Taeyeon (GG).


  1. The Rose