If there’s such thing called “in another life” like Katy Perry’s song, I would know how to play several music instruments, and most importantly I would compose many music and lyrics.

A lyricist and a song writer.


How much I wish to continue the exciting journey with Microsoft Education Network (Program); this year I decided to rest. I did not submitted my “renewal” for the program; and that’s just wicked!

There’s a lot of things going on with this life, and this was unexpected.

Since day 1, I never thought that I will be partnered with Microsoft for so many years; and for sure this decision was not taken lightly as well. The real reason why I did not submit it, was, I’m really fatigue.. Fatigue to even login to the portal and fill in the required information.

If only I have the necessary motivation and support by the relevant people, within close proximity and the ministry itself, I might push myself harder. For so many years, I always felt alone. Lone ranger they said. My vision is what CHM School currently have; but sadly the knowledge and experience I have given by Microsoft and educators all over the world was only for me to keep and practice.

Honestly, I’m not doing well with work too. Double roles is not easy. Being a teacher in the morning and being a student at night; while you force yourself to sleep in the afternoon – while some days you can’t fall asleep at that hours. I’m sadly 30% in school; I can’t arrives to school early too. It’s just too hard to wake. Should I whine to others about this? Should I ask the close proximity to pity me and give me less work? What will you do if you were me? Everyone is busy with their lives too.

While I’m no a MIEE for 2018-2019, that doesn’t mean I’m no longer a Microsoft Educator. I will always be a Microsoft Educator – I pledge and will always use Microsoft Education tools as my no.1 partner in Teaching and always making it as my student partners in their learning too.

For now, excuse me while I be a little bit selfish to achieve my dream. There’s plenty had been scarified and I’m sure there’s more to come. Will definitely be a better educator once this night classes comes to end.

“I really don’t know what I want to do with my future?” I literally said that during our random talk in one of my night class discussion. My lecturer thinks it would be suitable for me to do ICT consultancy. Well, ICT consultancy is something that have crossed my mind recently too.

While most of my friends have figured out what they want to be, and settled with both their career and family, I’m still figuring out many things.

I like being a teacher, but somehow, I find myself bouncing back to the needs to wish to work somewhere else. I’m sure I don’t want to teach in primary school forever. I’ve also experienced working in the office for few months, and I’m not feeling it either. I do want to teach at higher education; but will it give me a sense of endless contentment?

I’ve thought about it for many years and it has been something that I would be able to do. I would like to work in an orphanage. I have this inkling since my teen era. However, I do wish to volunteer it or work it outside this country. It feels like Vietnam and South Korea is the best place to start.

I’ve read a lot about orphanage, but I never get to express it. I do have few books on orphanage, the stories are touching and moving. Thus, I would like to manage orphanage and hopefully do great. I vision to create an holistic approach of it, learning to sustain life independently with discipline and value; educating children with enough resources and progression toward happy life like many other children. In summary, I like the idea to care of them, but in the same time I wish to educate them – Oh yes, I do know how to teach 🙂 .

I read few institutions if not many in South Korea treat orphan insitituion as business centre. I do not know if this is true, but I’m sure they have reasons for it too. It may be done to cover the operational cost and expenses of running the institution. In the end, I do hope the goals and reasons is the for the best interest for the kids.

This dream is not for tomorrow nor in a year or two. I’ll try to make it happen someday. Personally, helping out, caring for the needs are so fulfilling. It would be awesome to earn money while doing the things you love to do. I want to do it full-time not seasonal work.

With life impacted with teaching in the morning, workshop in the afternoon and Night class (Degree) at night, this blog has pending to write.

I’ve renewed my fanatic on Korean drama, Korean Music aka kPop. perhaps it makes me feel soothing and place me in a clam state.

I’m a fan of Lee Dong Wook since 2005, so that’s nothing new.

I’ve fallen in love with I am Not Robot (Yoo Seung Ho/Chae Soo Bin) and Introverted Boss (Yeon Woo-jin/ Park Hye-soo).

I focus my music mainly to SM Entertainment artist, such as TVXQ! EXO, BAO, Super Junior.

Probably will gain more obsess with these Korean celebrities in the near future, but for sure visiting South Korea is already in the idea.