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Hello, My name is Alid Misli. I’m one of the new generation in the field of education. I can teach anything, except for few Malay subjects (but I prefer to avoid teaching Malay subject hehe). I appreciates good foods, especially Pizza and Sushi. Musics, TV shows and Movies are my best motion interest. Dream to travel to USA, Canada, Africa and many parts of Europe. Dream to catch Auroras live somewhere in the north. I love to attend education’s seminars, workshop or conference. I like to be part of the community by enrolling myself and volunteering to a community service. I do simple web and graphic designing when I’m free. Although, I didn’t master and continued science after my A levels, but I still love and follow them around and that’s the reasons why I’m into Dr. House TV series. In daily basis, I read lots of stuff from interesting to not so interesting, from entertainment, to sports, to digital news to world news. My fav. is on Philosophy, good collection of quotes, they are like my medicine! I have an interest to fulfilled a Humanitarianism and Activism life.

An Educator, Knowledge Junkie, Love to Read and Write. I’m a passionate educationalist and believing through innovation and management comes critical responsibility with the vase knowledge that every teachers have to gradually pass to the learners. Therefore Pedagogy and Methodology revolve around the equation too.

Addicted to Good Movies and TV Drama/Series.. That is why I have a brilliant Full HD LCD TV and a BluRay Player that pleasure my eyes.

I dig Literature, gadgets! Music & Entertainment, Web developing, Leadership, Sports and Health / Men Style Magazines and sometime being green to the Earth.

My area of study and interest are Psychology, Early Childhood Development and Care, Language and Linguistic, especially English as a foreign Language, Science, ICT and Philosophy {Epistemology, Logic, Ethics and Social}.

My talent is being too curiosity that progress to talk and ask a lot of questions. And the best part is, every music I hear and at time and in spontaneous I can make lyrics, yes a spontaneous lyricist.

I dream to go back to school again to pursue higher education. Getting a PhD is a real wish. And I want to travel a lot!

Birth Name: Abdul Walid bin Misli (Name Given: Abdul Walid; Surname: Misli; bin is not my middle name, its a divider for My Name and Surname)

Aliases: Walid, Alid, Dilaw, Allen Morris. Language Class {Ming Li De, Sebatian Alonso}.

Age: 23 as in January 2011.

D.O.B: December 17th, 1987.

Sex: XY.

Status: Single.

Occupation: Primary Educator, A Son, A Brother and A friend.

Affiliation: Zenith Empire; B.O.J.; Sekolah Rendah Puni, Temburong; Department of Schools and Ministry of Education, Brunei.

Favorite Color: Blue; Red, Black and White are cool too.

Favorite Number: 5 (Five).

Love as Hobbies: Sleeping, Music, Movie & Tv Series, Chatting, Lounging, Blogging, Cooking, Singing, Web and Graphic designing, Pizza Hunting, BBQ-ing, Sushi eating, Spending time alone; Traveling, with family and also Family, e-shopping {eBay, Amazon, etc}, Shopping Underwear (once a year tho) :P.

Don’t Like:

Driving, Watching news and too long commercial advertisement.



Computer’s Hardware (especially Apple) and software,

Electronic gadgets {Apple’s accessories},

Surfing the internet,

Watching {EPL, Tennis, TV Series and Movies}

Listening to Musics but not radio.



Favorite Shows:


Melissa & Joey, Suits, American Idol, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewife, Grounded for life, Malcolm in the Middle, How I met Your Mother, Drew Carey Show, Whose Line it is anyway? Scrubs, Thats 70 Show, Friend, Still standing, 8 Simple Rules, Less then perfect, Raven, CSI (Texas and New York), Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres show, Sony Style TV Magazine, SamanthaWho? , The OC, NorthShore, Arrested Development, Grey’s Anatomy, Yes Dear, Heroes, HouseMD, Eureka, Ugly Betty, Hope & Faith, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Teachers (US), Gifted Man, Community; Common Law (US), Teen Wolf.


Full House, My Girl, Couple or Trouble, Wild Romance, Goblin, Hospital Ship, I am not robot.



Favorite Movies:


Jurassic Park 1-3, Jurassic World, The Secret Garden, HP 1-4, Final Romance (TWN), Sweet Home Alabama, Taxi, The Net, While Your sleeping, Fantastic 4, Just Like Heaven, SpiderMan 1-3, Initial D (TWN), Umizaru (JPN), Umizaru 2 : Limit of Love (JPN), SPEED (JPN), Annapolis, Reading Room, Disaster Movie, Transporter 1-3, Catch That Kid!, The Pacifier, Jumper, Nancy Drew, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol.


Wicker Park, Titanic, X-men, Daredevil, Italian Job, SWAT, Spanglish, 100 days with Mr Arrogant, A lot like love, My First Wedding, Maid in Manhattan, Failure to Launch, National Treasure (1-2), Agent Cody Banks (1-2), My Best Friend’s Wedding, Pearl Habor, Peaceful Warrior, Sydney White, Penelope, The First Time, The Host.


A.Pie 1-6, Coyote Ugly, 40 Days and 40 Nights, The Condemned, Not another Teen Movie, Road/EuroTrip, Harold n Kumar go to White Castle, The notebook, Gone.

Favorite Actors: Lee Dong-Wook, Chris Pine, Nick Robinson, Scott Mechlowicz, Henry Cavill, Patrick J. Adams, Dylan O’Brien, Gabriel Macht, Cam Gigandet, Collin Egglesfield, John Krasinski, Robin Williams, Chris Evans, Josh Hartnett, Sean William Scott, Josh Lucas, Frankie Muniz, Jim Carrey, Matthew McConaughey, Justin Bartha, Bradley Cooper, Ralph Fiennes (a Mile High Club!), Patrick Dempsey, Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Zachary Levi, Kenny Dougthy, Ashton Kutcher, Matt Lanter, Simon Pegg, Jason Statham, Max Thieriot, Jason Chambers, Matt Bomer, Jason Bateman, Jeremy Renner, Patrick Wilson, Joel McHale, Freddie Highmore; Warren Kole, Michael Ealy, Tom Hardy, Jack Gyllenhaal, Michael Fassbender, Harrison Ford, James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio, .

Favorite Actress: Nicole Kidman! Saoirse Ronan, Queen Latifah, Amanda Byne, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Lopez, Rachael Leigh Cook, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Raven-Symoné, Sophia Bush, Ginnifer Goodwin.

Favourite Musics (as who sang it): OneRepublic, Oh Land, Aqua, Hej Matematik, Chester See, Akonz, Patrick Nuo, James Morrison, Jojo, ShayneWard, Mayday Parade, Avril Lavigne, Civil Twilight, Mariah Carey, David Achuleta, Natasha Bedingfield, Avenged Sevenfold, Alanis Morissette, Civil Twilight, Flipsyde, Gavin DeGraw, Jesse McCartney, Michelle Featherstone, Jinks (Nexus Music), Joey Moe (Nexus Music), Nik & Jay (Nexus Music) The Script, Tyler Hilton, Jewel, Panic! at the Disco.

Favourite Athletes: Ibrahim Affelay, Steven Gerrard, Gareth Bale, Thomas Muller, Philipp Lahm, Miroslav Klose, Jonathan Horton, Hamms Twin, Novak Djokovic, Myke Pyle, Paul Collingwood, Tom Daley, Scott Herman, James Rodriguez, Toni Kroos.

Favourite Books:

Any Philosophy books,

Harry Porter by JK. Rowling;

Honeymoon with my Brother: A memoir by Franz Wisner;

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks;

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior and The Secret by Dan Millman;

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne;

P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern;

The Last lecturer by Randy Pausch.

Favorite Brands: Casual {GoldLion, Crocodile, Active Camel}, Sport {Adidas, Nike, Puma & Wilson}, Underwear {Renoma, Jockey, Pierre Cardin}.

Favorite Cars: Toyota Camry! Mercedes and BMW line especially SLK (Merc), Mazda 3 (Sport).

Favourite Quotes:

“Hinaan dalam pujian” – Myself

“Capital Less” – Ain aka Aing Gelagah

“Don’t cheat on people, don’t lie to people, it only come back on you..” – Taylor (Gone, 2007)

“Legendary” – Barney Stinson (How i Met Your mother)


About Me:

I wish to be born carefree, but then i was born with compassion and empathy. Thats me, who get emotionally over some subject which are technically not idealistic. Emotions is me. I wish to change but i can’t. Philosophically let’s say this is the way I am born and this is my role on this world. Biologically and Technically, I have to be like this..

I love you more then you love me, I miss you more then you miss me, I care for you, more then you care for me, I always have your back when you needed it.. I know your thinking the same thought for me 😛 no? you suck. LOL

Yet I still need a return from you; honesty which is the truth, faithful and friendship. Why? So silly of you to ask. =)

I want to travel all around the world (Especially, United States of America, Canada and Europe) and try hard making my dream alive and meet the celebrities especially NICOLE KIDMAN! Lastly I would love to meet Matt Mullenweg the founding developers of WordPress!