Like a tantrum inside; to get out from this place. Qualification and money are keys to set out from here. The wanted life and living.” #perspective

Feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. Always have been. Dreams can be a dangerous game. Everyone around me seem to settle. Me, I’m still chasing, still crashing.. Sadly, opportunity does not seems in favour of my side until this very day. I really wish to runaway from this life.

Wishing to be someone else. Wishing to be those people who don’t requires a lot of psychological needs. It’s a hard thing to not wanting it nor trying to forget it. The brain somehow continue in loop, programming it, telling you that you need it badly to be happy, to feel satisfied and be accomplished.

Do I like my life? Nope. Can it be change? Maybe. Precisely with past mediocre education/qualification and not enough money to chase the dream to change this life will be sadly hard.

I’m sad, will always be sad. Worked hard too. Yet recognition, opportunity to study again for the government in-service is practically scarce.

“I really wish my parents are super rich.” That sentence do revisit across over some time. “I wish I won a lottery.” This too.

I do not need a Ferrari. All I ever wanted was a higher Education. An education that take place oversea. England is the place to be. I also wish to work elsewhere.

I’m ambitious. I don’t drink, smoke, do weeds or drugs. But, I’m also a nobody. I do get jealous as others can swiftly gain their dreams. So, I ask, “When will it be my turn?