Empty hand for my sister’s birthday because of Amazon. Too many problems accounted for 1 order.

Dear Mr. Jeff Bezos and Amazon

I hope someone out there at Amazon actually read this. I’ve pass my anger, but I’m simply very disappointed and sad to realised that the books won’t arrived at the right day. I really hope who read this care about somebody is nobody. I hope Amazon can fulfilled its best not for me but for everyone who trusted Amazon.

Amazon is the place where trust is made. I trusted the time sensitive shipment that Amazon in the past never failed. In 2015, I bought a silly item just to make up for my best friend’s birthday – and it was wonderful as it reached home as expected and put a smile for his birthday.

I really wanted to duplicate that feeling again, but this time for my sister’s birthday. Unfortunately, purchasing her wishlist (books) for her birthday accounted a lot of problem with Amazon.

The series of problems are below:

– On the 28th Dec 2017, I made order: Order# 113-245******** and my credit card was successfully deducted.
– Then after 24hrs, Amazon notified me that my payment was Declined.
– Several exchange communication was made with Amazon representative, which brought about my fear and panic as my card will be deducted once again.
It’s not fair for me, as charged two times for the same order. It doesn’t looks good on my credit card and my feeling.
– Waited several days for my card to finally get charged again.
– Finally Amazon confirmed my order by 1st Jan.
-Today is 5th January, but my order have not yet shipped.

Mr Jeff, I don’t make a lot of money like you do, I’m just an English language teacher and live in Brunei where certain books are not available to purchase locally.
At certain times and many times Amazon might be the place to buy things, but certain time people buy at Amazon because they really trust you, even if
the international shipping is way expensive than other online merchant. It takes saving to buy and order things.

I’m reaching out to all of you because, I can’t help myself but to think that Amazon have messed up for my sister’s birthday.
If you love and care your family so much, you may relate to it how important to please and make your family happy during their special day. It’s very important.

We don’t know when will we die, thus we do our best, as much as we can to make our loves one happy when we are here, and where they are here.
We buy things not only for own pleasure but sometimes we buy at Amazon to make other happy too.

If only my concern was important, I wish I was really value as a customer. To be frank, anything at Amazon is expensive to me; but its the trust I had
in recent years made me come back and decide your services. I hope Amazon care with a customer like that and take all his customer very seriously.

Abdul Walid Misli

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