Loving, kindness and compassion are the basis of wise, powerful, sometimes gentle, and sometimes fierce actions that can really make a difference – in our own lives and those of others. – Sharon Salzberg

#Love, #kindness and #compassion. The last 72 hours was like #hatred, #anger and #cold. One of many reason is to work in the city to be safe and manageable in both financial and physical health aspects to enroll to night classes and god’s knows I really need it badly. #Learning is core in my #passion, as to #teaching is my job. #Education itself is #beautiful. As human, #happiness and conditions affect what you do, think and feel. I’m sure there are far worst terrible things that other human faces compare to me. However, it is my utmost dreams since 19 years old to #dream to be smart, #educated to make #Brunei education stronger and #effective like those lecturers I met in my years in #UBD. My dream is to be like them. What separate me from doing what they do is my qualifications. Soon, I’ll be 29. And I know, I won’t be able to achieve that dream as age of 35 is the limit age to get Phd scholarship. Having no bachelor degree and a master degree it is a chase that I have to anticipate losing. With that mental state and the lost i have to walk through; i hope others will respect my sadness, depression and rudeness during this time. It was designed far before I was born and it is my fate. Many new obstacles yet to face, going through like ordinary people. #notbornich#notbornintelligent #justordinary