• My very own classroom. Technically the room is mine and only I can use and set the room. Sharing ecosystem is very challenging here.
  • At least 4 RM VerTable Interactive Tables. 5 would be a blessing.
  • At least 25 Windows 10 tablets, with Microsoft Office 365 for pupils. At least 10″ screen size, 4GB RAM with 64GB of HDD. Wireless/portable keyboards for each tablets.
  • 25 wireless mouses. For Mouse Mischief activities. Also for tablet usage.
  • 2 printers. For black and colour printing.
  • Speakers (Stereo).
  • 15 students.

A dream of 21st Century teaching space in Brunei. I know I can work well with it and deliver 21st Century Teaching and Learning.

Costs: About 60-80 thousands Brunei dollars.

Objective: Effective Teaching English language and Science and 21st Century Skills

Mission: Saving the future of Brunei.