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Internetsation; TelBru adopting Broadband Fair Usage Policies (FUP) soon.

I’ve been thinking deep about internet and broadband for a long time. Brunei’s cost of living is pretty sweet and low. A country associate with less tax to be charge, cheap gas, cheap motor petrol, electricity and water bills are awesome. Even though, many questioned about the low average salary income compare with other countries, but it does meet for everyone’s basic needs or even more than enough – simply because the cost of living in Brunei is low – both for locals and expatriates. I’m no economist, but we are proud of our low cost of living. It would not be too wrong to say, “It’s our way of life”.

Telbru Fibre Broadband Plans

TelBru’s Plan

Having said that; the only few things that doesn’t fall as low as our cost of living in Brunei is the Internet broadband subscription services. Most agreed, this is because Brunei’s population isn’t huge, so the market is not that big. The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam or simply AITI is protecting the sole distributor (dominated) of residential landlines internet service provider named Telekom Brunei or TelBru. The AITI see both to meet TelBru’s profitable and also seek what’s best for consumers. Having said that, local consumers said, TelBru services are still pricey compare to our neighbouring countries like Singapore or Malaysia. The quality and speed are also being compare with these two countries. Correct me if I’m wrong.

TM Fibre Broadband Plans VIP5 TM Fibre Broadband Plans VIP20 TM Fibre Broadband Plans VIP10

One of Malaysia ISP. TM’s Plan (BND$1 is about MYR$2.569)

TelBru will be adopting Broadband Fair Usage Policies (FUP). Their statement promises faster bandwidth for consumers! As a consumer who have been a long time enjoying free worries of unlimited internet connection at home, do feel curious about the future plan’s pricing. As with the explanation above,  internet service is not generally cheap. They emphasised and I quote “is aimed at ensuring that all customers get a better quality of service and a more consistent Internet experience by reducing the excessive amount of bandwidth consumed by a minority of heavy users. Once implemented, it will offer customers faster bandwidths.” So technically if they give your faster bandwidth, you will be downloading data faster and more. More mean more to pay too. *wink* Honestly I don’t really care much about the minority of heavy users; I just care about the promised quality service to my home. The reality is, all consumers are actually sharing the internet connection, so the contention ratio does affect us, if there’s someone who are heavy leeching, other users’ internet connection can be slowed!

SingTel Fibre Broadband Plans Unlimited SingTel Fibre Broadband Plans Home Bundle SingTel Fibre Broadband Plans Entertainment Bundle

One of Singapore ISP. SingTel Plans. (BND$1 = SGD$1)

As a consumer, we are sure we want both quality and cheap services. But it’s not easy to please everyone. But we can only hope and pray that the service plan will be cheap (or very very affordable).

These days, the increase in innovative communication technology also increases the demand of internet usage. Internetsation (not a real word), a word to represent the need of internet, support the process of globalization.

I don’t know!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear! My 5 years plan is expiring soon.. And I still find it hard to decide what path of continuing my education would be.. I know I have the heart of Sciences.. But I still don’t know which is the best field to go? Should I do Science Education? Should I go with the not so Applied Sciences, which is studying Technology; or should I do Social Sciences which is Psychology and focusing on Developmental Psychology? Oh boy.. this is hard!

Can I do Psycho-Educational measurement? or If there is such thing as Psycho-Educational Technology? Too bad I’m not teaching English Language anymore.. If that was not the case, I might have to put Psycho-linguistic too on the list!

Oh If you could see me now; I’ve done the best and worst. Missing Dr A and Mrs A.

Having a break from homework. Currently at the coffee bean & tea leaf in Times Square. I like to think my current commitment with School Based Assessment for Learning (SBAfL) is priorities as it is for the National Agenda; for educators and Brunei’s education.

As I went through the module 1 of SBAfL, a slight missing and reminiscing of the late Dr. Anny Arbi. Years ago, prior to become a teacher, I had several concern on Education, especially on being a teacher. And I’ll go to my email account and send her an email. As SBAfL become parts of a new era of education in Brunei, and 21st Century Education becomes wider and clearer, I really wish to listen to her view and honest opinions. I wish I could do that again.

As an educator and a technology enthusiast, it become a natural principle to find opportunity in teaching with technologies. I think I did well I guess in this area. Though lots to learn and improve. But one thing that passes my thinking; I really wish, the late Mrs Aminatol Norilah Abdullah could see me now. Probably, could work together in some kind of ICT education project too.. :'(

They will always be remember; Its a promise. May I continue their legend. I’ll continue to learn and improve.

Dedicating them, Al-fati’ah..
Listening to The Script – If You could see me now :