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About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Alid Misli

Educator & Amateur Web Content Designer
I'm a primary school teacher of English language. Passionate in 21st century educational technology and instructional design.

I'm a movie and TV series buff. My favourite actor includes Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Nick Robinson, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Emily Blunt & many others.

My other interest: Reading, writing, traveling and web-content designing.


Things that I work on.

Designing Teaching and Learning. Oversee School's ICT and School's iNEIS well being.

I take photos. Photos of my life.

I write stuff and I tweak codes.

I use it and sometimes I help others to use it. I'm also a Microsoft Certified Educator, meaning I'm good with Pedagogy while using ICT and Microsoft tools which is equivalent to UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers.

I travel to explore, meet new people and shop things.

Sometimes I like to eat, drink and social with friends. Sometimes l like to cook too.


Things that (i think) I'm good at.



My thoughts.

First Instagram Post here!

I'm not looking at their #answers only… but i want to see the #techniques that I taught them during this revision month. Some adapted very well. #yr5english #justATrial #howFarTheyLearned #formative A post shared by Walid Misli (@alidmisli) on Oct 24, 2016 at 5:16pm PDT

My first tweet post failed! but..

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”><a href=””>#theAccountant</a> is beautiful. <a href=””>#BenAffleck</a> is scary.</p>&mdash; Alid Misli (@AlidMisli) <a href=”″>October 23, 2016</a></blockquote> <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>   Embed failed, instead I should have just paste the link. LoL . Kinda Cool! #theAccountant is beautiful. #BenAffleck is scary. — Alid Misli (@AlidMisli) October 23, 2016

Losing the dream battle. An education battle.

Loving, kindness and compassion are the basis of wise, powerful, sometimes gentle, and sometimes fierce actions that can really make a difference – in our own lives and those of others. – Sharon Salzberg #Love, #kindness and #compassion. The last 72 hours was like #hatred, #anger and #cold. One of many reason is to work in the city to be safe and […]


Like a tantrum inside; to get out from this place. Qualification and money are keys to set out from here. The wanted life and living.” #perspective Feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. Always have been. Dreams can be a dangerous game. Everyone around me seem to settle. Me, I’m still chasing, still crashing.. Sadly, opportunity does not seems […]

What I dream (wish) to have as a teacher?

My very own classroom. Technically the room is mine and only I can use and set the room. Sharing ecosystem is very challenging here. At least 4 RM VerTable Interactive Tables. 5 would be a blessing. At least 25 Windows 10 tablets, with Microsoft Office 365 for pupils. At least 10″ screen size, 4GB RAM […]

I am Executive!

Executive – Everything is under control. You are honest and decisive with an inborn leadership. You can rapidly notice the methods and procedures which are illogic and inefficient. You can continuously add and develop a new system to solve the organizational problems. You like to make a long term plane for yourself and genuinely accomplish […]